Chlorination / Sterilisation of Pipeline

Pipeline Sterilisation in Auckland

A newly installed watermain must be properly sterilised before it can be used to ensure it is safe. The process involves chlorination of the pipeline, flushing the pipeline of the chlorinated solution, sending a sample to the laboratory for testing, and getting back the test results, confirming your desired requirements that are wanting to be met

At Construct Civil, we are highly experienced in this type of work. We use our accredited laboratory to run all safety tests, plus our on-site team responsible for the chlorination aspect of the work is well-trained and skilled. The pipeline sterilisation process is summarised below, but if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Chlorination and Pipeline Sterilisation Process

  • We pre-flush the pipe. In some situations, we swab the pipe too, but only when necessary.
  • Chlorination of the pipe which involves adding a chlorine solution.
  • The chlorine solution stays in the pipe for a set time period.
  • Remove the chlorine solution from the pipe.
  • Flush the pipe with water to remove remaining chlorine.
  • Take a sample of the water to be tested by our accredited laboratory.
  • Receive the results from the lab.
  • If everything is okay, the watermain can be put into use.

The Team You Can Trust

When you come to us for pipeline sterilisation services, you can have peace of mind the work will be completed professionally and according to all safety standards. In addition, we take pride in the workmanship we deliver.